Why Your Startup Needs A Business Plan
28th November 2016
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Why Startup Need to Hire a Professional Business Plan Writer

You’re starting a company from scratch. You know you need a business plan. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your faulty electrical wiring, or an electrician to fix your leaky bathtub – why would you hire someone who wasn’t a professional, experienced writer of business plans to create yours? Or worse, why would you try to create one yourself? This article details why you need to hire a professional plan writer when constructing your business plan. You need someone who’s experienced, well-qualified, attentive, and can efficiently produce a high-quality plan tailored to your business.

Experience is Essential
Obviously, if you are hiring a writer to craft a plan that is intended to shape the future development of your company, you want someone who’s experienced in that kind of writing! A good company to take as an example is Pro-Bplan, Inc. All their staffers have more than eight years of industry experience writing business plans. It is easier to feel comfortable handing over all the details of your startup to somebody else when you know you are talking to someone who has written many successful business plans prior to yours, and who will be able to decipher and explain what you need to be successful, in the midst of the excitement that goes with explaining your vision for your new company. It’s not easy to construct a business plan that you can present to a bank or investor for monetary approval – it’s often difficult to obtain a loan at all even for an established business, let alone for a startup company! You need an experienced professional who knows how to construct a plan that a bank or investor will feel comfortable using as a basis for a loan.

Qualifications Matter
Don’t forget that experience doesn’t matter if it’s not experience in a relevant field! Clearly, if you are hiring a business plan writer, you need someone who has relevant experience both in plan construction and in financial and tax matters. Looking at Pro-Bplan again – their staff is composed of chartered accountants and MBAs. Their senior officials have experience in banking and financial services. Not only are they capable, experienced writers –they have the financial and banking knowledge required to help craft a meaningful financial plan for your startup company. This type of qualification is invaluable. You need someone who has experience in writing but also understands the financial planning needs of a new company.

Attentiveness Matters
You’re already dealing with all the ramifications of starting a new business. You do not need the added burden of trying to explain those ramifications to someone who is supposed to be helping you craft a plan, but isn’t paying enough attention to understand what you need from that plan. When you hire a business plan writer, you need to find someone whom you feel is attentive, responsive, and easily reached. This will greatly ease the burden of deadlines and relieve some of the stress inherent in the startup process. Make sure that whoever you hire to write your business plan is attentive to your needs and responsive to your concerns before they ever start writing!

Quality, Efficiency and Engagement: Why Are These Important?
If you’re paying a professional to write your business plan, you need to know you can rely on that person to provide a quality product in an efficient way, while staying engaged with the project from start to finish – you need someone you know won’t lose interest and quit halfway through, leaving you with a half-complete business plan and nowhere to turn for help. Whether you have deadlines already established, or are setting them for your writer as you discuss the business plan, you need to know that deadlines will be honored and that you’ll have quality work in hand to review when each one hits. Likewise, if you give someone a two-week deadline and they aren’t efficient in that process – they don’t give you a rough draft of the plan until day 12 of 14, for example – that person is probably not the best resource for your startup’s business plan. Engagement matters because it directly impacts efficiency and quality of work – the more your writer is engaged in the idea behind your company, the more likely he or she will be to adhere to deadlines and turn out a plan that is well-crafted, easy to understand and easy to follow. Coming back to Pro-Bplan.com Inc – their standard for delivery is quality work delivered on time. This is the kind of reputation you have to look for when you are hiring a business plan writer.

Wrap Up: You Need A Professional
Don’t forget that you don’t just need a business plan – you need a professional to write that business plan for you! Check out companies like Pro-Bplan, Inc – look for experienced, well-qualified, attentive, efficient writers that will turn out a well-crafted plan within your deadlines. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience to write a realistic business plan or isn’t invested enough in your company to work hard with you from the beginning. This business plan represents the future of your company – make sure you hire the best person to write it.

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