Client Assistance Services

We understand that our clients need expert assistance in tasks that need to be carried at the inception of the company or during its growth. Therefore, we have researched industry experts who provide these high quality services at competitive prices. has partnered with these experts so upon referral our clients may attain their services at discounted prices. Rest assured the company complies with the confidentiality policy and will not disclose any sensitive/private data without client’s consent.

The experts that we have selected can assist you with:

✧ Business Formation

Finding a reliable and reputable attorney for the formation of your LLC orincorporation of your business can be difficult. We have partners possessing track record who can provide you appropriate assistance on all the legal matters of the company after its formation.

✧ Website design and development services

Increasingly, websites are taking over storefronts as the major source of revenue for most businesses. Get noticed! With a gamut of expertise, our selected pool of web design and development experts can get you an ideal website which will increase revenue and make you outshine the rest.

✧ Corporate design

A corporate design (CD) is the official graphical design of the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, etc. to create a brand identity for the company.

An expert designer will include the logo and other elements of the corporate brand to standardize and unify all communication between company and audience whether in print or online. A savvy designer will create designs that can be adapted to all the modes of communication to ensure that the company stays ‘on brand’. The designs are created by having the product image and corporate culture in mind.

We at help our clients fully understand the persona of the company and communicate the same to the designers in order to create easily recognizable logo designs that compliment the business.

✧ Brochures and flyers

Do you want to present your information clearly and immaculately? Our selected experts will create stunning brochures on professionally designed layouts that people will want to read.

✧ Online Accounting/bookkeeping Services

In order to suit the business needs of our invaluable clients we have nominated a team of accounting experts who can provide you hassle-free service. From proactive insights and custom financial reporting to controller oversight and beyond, they will get it done right giving you the luxury of focusing on primary business objectives.