27th February 2017

Why Startup Need to Hire a Professional Business Plan Writer

You’re starting a company from scratch. You know you need a business plan. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your faulty electrical wiring, or an electrician to fix your leaky bathtub – why would you hire someone who wasn’t a professional, experienced writer of business plans to create yours? Or worse, why would you try to create one yourself? This article details why you need to hire a professional plan writer when constructing your business plan. You need someone who’s experienced, well-qualified, attentive, and can efficiently produce a high-quality plan tailored to your business. Experience is Essential Obviously, if […]
28th November 2016

Why Your Startup Needs A Business Plan

Starting a company from scratch is a daunting proposition. It's even more daunting to try and start one without a solid business plan. The idea behind a business plan is simple – to set out, in concrete terms, what your business looks like (how many employees? Is it an LLC or a sole proprietorship? How are you planning to make money and how much do you think you’ll be able to make?); what it's going to make, sell or provide (Is this a brick-and- mortar business, or an online company? What kinds of goods and services does it offer?); and […]